In addition to HVAC systems, Wm. J. Donovan Co. is fully qualified and experienced in the fabrication and installation of all types of industrial, architectural, and institutional metal specialties. Listed below are just a few examples of the items we have fabricated and installed for our clients.


  • Industrial ventilation systems
  • Pharmaceutical and industrial process supply and exhaust systems
  • Kitchen exhaust systems
  • Boiler breechings
  • Dust collection duct systems and deflagration venting
  • Dust and fume capture hoods
  • Downdraft tables and sinks
  • Drum dump bins
  • Odor control systems
  • Clean room systems
  • Garage ventilation systems
  • Cryogen vents


  • Structural equipment platforms
  • Equipment access and service mezzanines
  • Belt and machine guards
  • Process enclosures
  • Wall and ceiling mounted utility connection cabinets and panels
  • Roof curbs and equipment rails
  • Material conveying systems
  • Architectural metal specialties
  • Corner guard and wall bumper systems
  • Stair railings

Our highly skilled workforce can manufacture these items from a wide variety of materials including mild and structural steels, schedule pipe, aluminum, stainless steels, polycarbonate, and other plastics. Finishes range from as delivered mill grade through highly polished and mirror finished stainless steels. A variety of paint finishes, including powder coatings, are also available.