Testing & Balancing

As a National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) certified firm in Air and Hydronic Systems, as well as Sound and Vibration Measurement, Wm. J. Donovan Co. has the ability to combine our experience in systems installations with our full line of Testing and Balancing services to ensure that your HVAC systems are optimally tuned. We are equipped and qualified to perform the following services:

  • Complete air side survey and balancing including air flow, pressure drops, temperature and relative humidity readings, as well as mixed air proportions and measurement of system efficiency
  • Complete water side survey and balancing including flow rates, pressure drops, temperature and heat transfer rates
  • Room pressure differential measurements and balancing
  • Sound and vibration measurements
  • Leak testing of duct systems
  • Performance testing of fire Life Safety systems such as stairwell pressurization, elevator shaft pressurization, and atrium smoke exhaust systems

In addition to our NEBB Certifications, we are also certified by the International Certification Bureau (ICB) for:

  • HVAC Fire and Life Safety Level 1 – Damper testing and inspection as required by the NFPA
  • HVAC Air and Hydronic testing and balancing

Other services performed by our testing and balancing group include:

  • HEPA filter testing by our Eagleson Institute trained technicians
  • Startup of HVAC equipment
  • Field installed air handling unit leak testing, panel deflection, and fan vibration measurement
  • Fume hood face velocity testing
  • Flow calibration of field installed equipment such as airflow stations, VAV boxes, and valves

We pledge to bring the same high level of quality, service and professionalism to our Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) work that you have come to expect from us in our HVAC and sheet metal specialties.